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Culture and society are currently experiencing a gridlock due to reactionary systems and their excessive orientation on the market.

Club Dänemark Collective examines occurring values in today's art and culture to challenge common structures and protocol in music and its mediation.


Club Dänemark not only acts as a laboratory for research and development but also as a playground for interaction with their audiences.

past transdisciplinary projects

08./09./10.06.2023 Love is Simple @ Neubad, Luzern & Bell Areal, Kriens
C. Zemp (live 3D audio), J. Vogel (ceramics), R. Dürig / E. Bundi (poetry, spoken word), X. Rüegg (double bass), I. Rabigliati, L. Gareis, G. Scarpato, A. Lippolis (dance), audience (pasta-making)

13.11.2021 Gute Aussichten #2 @ Club Dänemark, Luzern
Sc'ööf (live 3D audio) & I.Rabigliati, L.Gareis, G.Rolle, F.Quisisana (dance)

30.10.2021 Gute Aussichten #1 @ Club Dänemark, Luzern
Sc'ööf (live 3D audio/perf) & Luis Sanz (digital arts)

26.07.–03.08.2021 Moderne Gefühle Basel @ filter4, Basel
Club Dänemark collective & 38 guest artists

04.09.–13.09.2020 «easy undercover series» @ Club Dänemark, Luzern
Sc'ööf (music, perf, inst, dramaturgy) & 15 guest performers (mixed art)

07.12.2019 Moderne Gefühle @ Club Dänemark, Luzern
Norm Ritter E-Drum & Spoken Word Performance, Santa Clause Live Video Chat Session, Cannibalism Show, Pop Culture Quiz, Dance Performance

06.09.2019 Clubtaufe @ Club Dänemark, Luzern
w/ Club Dänemark Collective, Gamut Collective